Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday: productive and exhausting

I awoke on Saturday morning determined to get a lot done. I had a few things I wanted Bret to tackle, too. After my morning prayers and reading I made a long list on my fridge dry-erase board and went to work.

I started a batch of cheese,
fed my sourdough starter,
made beds,
tidied-up the shelf above the changing table,
made breakfast,
put away laundry,
cut up some old apples for Nuala,
picked some tomatoes and brought in eggs,
started ribs for dinner,
planted a bed of salad greens,
began ironing,
bathed two of the boys,
stuck the cheese in the press,
served dinner,
prayed the rosary with my family,
finished ironing,
took two acetaminophen and collapsed into bed at 8:30.

Bret was busy, too.
He milked the cow,
pulled out all the window screens,
washed all the window screens with Una,
washed the windows,
replaced the window screens,
cleaned the ceiling fans,
repaired fencing around the pasture,
fixed the waterer in the chicken coop,
showered himself and two boys,
prayed rosary with the family,
and collapsed into bed not too long after his wife.

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