Thursday, September 18, 2008

Goodbye, dear Cole...

The little boy so many people have been praying so hard for is breathing his last. He has had increasing difficulty with his breathing over the last couple of days, and I think he is finally ready to let go of his tiny, cancer-riddled body and fly into the arms of Jesus. God knows, his suffering these last two months or so has been enough to send him, or just about anyone, straight to Heaven. The children and I gathered at the news of his decline for a Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

Be at peace, little Cole. Go to God.

"May the angels lead you into paradise; may the Martyrs welcome you on your arrival and bring you into the holy city, Jerusalem."

Read his story, or send a consoling note to his young parents here.


  1. Our Joel left is shell 44 hours after his birth. It seems like yesterday. Heaven is closer to us because of him.

    May our Lord bring comfort and peace that passes human understanding to these dear parents.

  2. If we could conceive with our limited human understanding the glory Cole is enjoying right now we would only feel a holy envy and rejoice for him; he is looking into the face of God, He Who has known and loved Cole from all eternity. But I have been feeling weepy all afternoon, and that for his poor parents. Yes, they are the ones left behind to feel the emptiness. May God fill it with sweetness.

    It does make me hug my own little ones a little harder, a little longer...

  3. This makes me want to cry with happiness and sadness all at the same time. Children are such a precious blessing. I will be praying for Cole's family.


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