Friday, August 29, 2008


Adrian: "Can I have clocklit milk and a faw?"
Translation: "Can I have chocolate milk and a straw?"

Adrian: "I want Oompa Fares!"
Translation: "I want [Quaker] Oatmeal Squares!"

Adrian: "Mama! Hurry! It's a Bown Weckless Fider!"
Translation: "Mama! Hurry! It's a Brown Recluse Spider!" (apologies to Danette)

Adrian: "It's a facesip wif a mote contol."
Translation: "It's a spaceship with a remote control."

I do so hate it when they finally learn to speak English...

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  1. I love it! sooo cute! We have a plastic giraffe that has been called COW for a while-I was sad when he started saying jaff!! At least he still says MOOO for it.

    His dolly is adorable-not as cute as himself of course-but what could be? :D


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