Wednesday, August 6, 2008

So, what's your blogging space look like?

Can't look half as abysmal as mine...The inspiration behind this embarrassing revelation was Old Woman's photo of her blogging spot. Anyone else want to play?


  1. Umm...the name's Old Woman! ; )

    I like your blogging spot, Nadja! Your computer monitor and keyboard looks very much like what I was using up until a few weeks ago, when my eldest son got a new laptop and gave me (wait, no, what he said was "I'm loaning it to you indefinitely) his old one. Oh, and did you notice that our telephones are exactly alike?! Funny, huh?

  2. I am a roving blogger!
    Right now I am dog/cat/house sitting so I am in an absolutely beautiful breakfast area overlooking a pool with waterfall. Ahhhhh, of all the places I've blogged this is definitely the most luxerious!
    At home I take my laptop and snuggle into a corner of the couch with kitten and dogs at my feet, son and hubby usually reading next to me.
    At school (where I work) I blog from my office -- technically the unfinished "attic" of the school (No, really!).

  3. I would love a laptop, but I have been told that you can get more "Bang for your Buck" with the regular PCs. I will be getting something new in the next 6 or 8 months in any case,if not sooner. This old thing makes the most horrible Wah-wah-wah sounds when I fire her up every morning! I'm thinking it's time to back everything up and wait for the crash.

  4. BTW, Old Woman, I've made the correction in my post, as you can see, but it just goes to show you how difficult it is for me to be rude. I just tend to refer to women as ladies; whether or not they deserve the designation is beside the point!

  5. LOL!

    I just love polite people!

    Hey Little Bit Older Woman, you can call me something else if you'd like. There's O.W., Mrs. S (the S standing for my nursery rhyme name, Shoe), Mrs. B (the B Standing for my real life last name) and then there is, of course, my first name, which in pig latin is Odyeja. You could just call me that. Or, if you promise not to type it in the conventional way, you can call me what all my other friends call me, which is J.o.d.y.e. Just remember to write it backwards, or put dots or dashes or something between the letters. That way it won't show up on search engines, and I can continue to stay under the radar - well, sort of.


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