Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Patch O' Dirt has a new resident

Bret went out this morning to do the chores and came back in asking, "Do you want to get your camera?" I knew at once that the calf had been born. So I ran out in my nightgown and rubber boots (gotta love living in the country!) into the rain (yes, for the first time in weeks) to the barn. The calf, a red half-Angus bull, was wobbling about on his feet, still wet, and nursing.

Nuala was duly rewarded with a big bucket of water and molasses. Her udder is huge, poor gal!The kids all came out to the barn in their pajamas to see the new guy, whom we have named Beau. We don't give too much thought to names for the animals that are destined for the freezer. I thought I was going to call him "Ino", as when I asked the kids what we should name him, I was bombarded with hand waving and a chorus of "I KNOW! I KNOW!"

Today I'll be reading the little guys this book:


  1. How cool! Keep sharing that farm stuff, I'm lovin' every bit of it! Well, almost every bit...poor, sweet, little Beau. I'll try not to think about where he is headed some day...I'd make a lousy farm wife.

  2. I make a lousy farm wife, Danette! Our old hens all die of old age, and I don't even make eye contact with the animals destined for the freezer once they are past babyhood! If I had to take part in the butchering I would revert to vegetarianism!

    But I'll tell you something: store bought beef can't begin to compare with farm-raised, grass-fed beef. Even the burgers are something to get excited about...I can't even describe the ribeye steaks.

  3. Congrats! He's a BEEEE-UTE!! Do you get a good "beefy" animal with that cross?-I'm a corn-fed Iowa girl myself but there is something about the way they grow if they start on grass and finish on corn/part corn that is a wonderful thing!

  4. We've never tried this cross before...Nuala jumped a fence to hang out with the neighbor's bull. Our last steer, which was also our first, was mostly Jersey with a spot of Hereford, and he made great beef. Now we have a Hereford/Longhorn (the latter is supposed to be very lean, so hopefully the Hereford will give it a bit more marbling). We do finish them with a nice daily dose of corn for about the last month.

  5. Congratulations to all of you!! Wish I could have been there to see the children's faces.

  6. Nina? Nina MA? Is that really you?
    Thanks for stopping by!


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