Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just me and the boys

Una is spending the day with her friends Anna and Serafina. She is such a diligent child that she did her school work before leaving with Bret (who dropped her off on his way to work) at 8:30 this morning. I hope I can survive the day without her...the little guys think she's the alternate mama and I think she is the nicest packaging for an extra set of hands a mother could ask for!

Sebastian and Gabriel are pretty much done with school for the day. I still will read to them a bit for history, there is prayer memorizations and a Bible story for religion (we will read about today's feast), and a VHS tape on bees that I picked up at a thrift shop for 50 cents, but all the "heavy" subjects are out of the way.

I ought to do something nice with them, like bake cookies, but I feel tired and lazy, and I still have housework to to...

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  1. And more importantly you had lots of blogging to do! ; )


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