Monday, August 25, 2008

I am so tired of feeling tired...

Is it Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or just age? Hard to tell what it is, since I haven't really slept well lately. I just can't remember the last time I didn't feel tired. Here it is, not yet 11 a.m., and I feel like I need a nap. Can't stop yawning.

I'd better get moving before I doze-zz-zzz--zzzzz.......


  1. Coffee. That is the only thing that keeps me going. Well, that and not sitting down. If I try to sit down to read a story, it doesn't take long before the kids start nudging me because I am half sleeping, half reading, and the story is starting to get really strange!

    Hope you get a nap soon!

  2. I know what you mean! I'm looking into some alternative diets in hope that I'll start to feel more awake. Although naps sure are nice!

  3. I was feeling tired until I got back from the gym just now. My eldest started high school and classes begin at 7:17 so I was quite the early riser (you do probably get up way before that, right?). I'm not used to getting up at 5:30, but I did it. Going to the gym was HARD to do because it's getting into the dinner hour and I'm just exhausted! Been a long day and I'm tired most days. I know part of this is due to the fact I have low iron. Have some blood tests done and see if it's that or your thyroid.

    God bless!

  4. I had a heap of blood work done this spring, and actually all my numbers look good. Could just be that I'm going on 45, have 5 kids 9 and under, am homeschooling and I average about 6.5 hours a night. I have to get up at 4:30, and I just can't see going to bed at 8:30 with the kids...I need an hour to unwind!

    So I'll just do like Danette...drink coffee or iced coffee and keep moving so as not to fall asleep on the job!

  5. I'll keep you in my prayers - we mother's need to pray for each other. God bless you (and I'm glad it's just a busy and blessed life that's making you tired).


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