Thursday, August 14, 2008

Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin

What a beautiful Feast.
We drove to Russellville, KY, to Sacred Heart Catholic Church, to attend Mass there. Brother Joseph Aytona, CPM made his perpetual vows there today with most of his community present plus the addition of some Dominican nuns and Franciscan friars and a large group of very lovely people. As always on this Feast, the celebrant for the Mass was Fr. Bill Casey, CPM. He wore a 200 year old fiddleback chasuble that belonged to Fr. Jean-Baptiste Rauzan, the founder of the congregation. I always get all choked up when the Brothers prostrate themselves during the Litany of the Saints and today was no different. It happens to me during the Veni Sancte Spiritus, too. There was a lovely reception afterwards, good food and excellent company.

A priest of whom I am quite fond was there and I was delighted to see him; even more so when he told me he had a box of books for me! I couldn't be happier. The box held such treasures as 4 books by Archbishop Fulton Sheen, three old books on our Blessed Mother, two St. Joseph Daily Missals, one St. Andrew Daily Missal and various other gems. With these latest additions I think I now must have at least a hundred books in my library that I have yet to read. It will give me something to do when the kids are all grown up.

All the unpleasantness of the last few days--my being unwell, the kids' colds, feeling overwhelmed by housework and school--it all melted away in the beauty of the old chants and prayers. I felt, even without my preferred Latin rite--that connectedness to all the saints of past centuries.

Dang, I like being Catholic!

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  1. I have found my fav Dominican priest has also been quite generous to me with booklets (three so far) and he's the best confessor ever. You are truly blessed.

    Btw, love the music on your site. It's the first site with music I haven't scurried to mute.

    Love your blog. Hope you are feeling much better!!

    I love being Catholic, too!


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