Monday, July 28, 2008

Why We Home School

When I began home schooling I read somewhere that it was a good idea to write down your reasons for home schooling. "There will be days," the book advised, "when you will need to review this list so as not to be tempted to throw in the towel and give up." Well, today was one of those days [see rant in post below]. Here is the list I made years ago, and it is framed and hung up in our school room.

Why We Home School

To raise up souls for Heaven, not for Harvard,
To teach in a way we would like to have been taught,
To be truly involved in our children's education,
To preserve their purity and innocence,
To teach them to resist the spirit of the World,
To protect them from physical dangers and keep them near,
To shield them from negative peer pressure,
To instill in them a love of learning and of Holy Mother Church,
Because we know our children and can individualize their curriculum,
Because God has entrusted them to us, bodies and souls, and we have a grave obligation to Him and to them,
Because they are the future of humanity and of the Church,
Because we love them beyond measure.

This is why we home school:


  1. Oh, cutepatoot! That picture right there needs to go up on the wall right under those reasons you just posted!


  2. I was wrong. I like pretty pictures just as much as I like the not so pretty ones - especially this particular pretty pic! Your babes are beautiful, Nadja! And that list of yours sums it all up real nice, doesn't it? When you look at it like that, mamas like us really have no other choice but to homeschool our youngsters.


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