Friday, July 11, 2008

Six Years of Findings (minus the loose change)

When A Broader Mark posted what she'd found at the bottom of her dryer on Wednesday, I felt compelled to tell her about my laundry room lost-and-found collection, which I have been gathering since September of 2002. It fills a pint jar and bears witness to the fact that I have four boys in this house. If you click on the photos, you'll get a larger-than-life view of the collection.

Anyone else out there have some interesting findings to post?


  1. I LOVE it, Nadja! And to think I've been throwing away my washer and dryer finds for all these years, when I could have been creating a beautiful collection like the one you have! Thanks for the inspiration! I'm off to find a big ol' jar, and then it's down to the basement, where the washer and dryer are, to see if I can discover a few treasures to start my own collection with.

  2. My favorite bit is the pirate arm with a sword. There's also a small hatchet and a tiny machine gun--more evidence of boys in residence!

  3. THAT is GREAT! It's like a little time capsule! Waaay better than a perfect scrapbook-it really documents life with boys! Not enough rocks to be MY boys tho! ;) I must post on this topic soon!

  4. I think that I have found all these items in my children's pockets. My youngest daughter used to like to collect creepy crawlie things, so I don't want to imagine what got washed away.

  5. I always thought no one would believe the stuff I find in the dryer!

    The strangest thing was an entire votive candle. (caught it in the washer before it dried, thankfully) Apparently the 3 yo liked the smell and liked how smooth it was so she carried it around all day.


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