Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oh, no--not mice again!

And this time they are cute little baby mice, which Sebastian found while Bret was tilling. He apparently hit a nest, and Sebastian found two babies with closed eyes and a third that didn't survive the tiller. He brought them to me.
"Mama, papa told me to feed them to the chickens, but I can't do it. They're too little and cute."
They are presently in a dishpan cuddling up to one of Una's stuffed animals and drinking milk from an eye-dropper. I told the kids that we can't, absolutely can't keep them. I told them that we have cats in the barn in order to kill mice. I said this as I fed one of them milk.

I stink as a farm wife.


  1. Oh! They are so cute! I'd stink at being a farm wife too. I'd make pets of all the animals that were headed to the freezer and then not be able to have them butchered. We'd all starve! I've heard you're suppose to name your slaughter animals things like "Pork Chop" and "Tasty" to help you remember what their purpose in life really is.

    Good luck with the mice!

  2. As of today, Monday, they're both still here. One has opened his eyes,
    but they don't seem to be taking in much nourishment, and I think the kids are in for a disappointment. It's so hard to keep wild babies alive, and I think they join the little birds and rabbits in our animal cemetery in time.

    Yep, our pigs have been O.P. (Organic Pork), Porky, Yum Yum, Hamlet, and Francis Bacon. The last two were just Spotty and Pinky. Our first steer was Chuck and the one we have now is T-Bone.


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