Sunday, June 1, 2008

Yesterday we went in search of "Pick Your Own" strawberries, rising early in order to beat the heat. Unfortunately, Bret didn't really look into it, and two of the places that planted strawberries in the Portland area last year did not do so this year, and so we had to do without. Instead we went to the thrift store and found a few things, then went on to Walmart and did our weeks' shopping. I made enchiladas for dinner--and the kids had cereal, because none of them like enchiladas. I still make them every now and then, though, because Bret enjoys them. I pulled the last of the first planting of radishes and made room for the carrot seedlings, and I planted a few more bell pepper plants from Walmart.

We went to St. Helen's in Glasgow for Mass. Sebastian and I went to confession with Fr. Joel, but Bret and Una didn't get to go. Mass was fine, but Dominic was dreadful today, which is becoming a more common occurance as he approaches his second birthday. Afterwards we chatted with Bruce Sullivan for a while, and then stopped by Big Lots. The boys got a pack of 200 water balloons and and some smoke bombs, and I got a few things, including a quart of extra virgin olive oil from Italy for $8.

At home the boys changed and went out to wallop one another with water balloons, and Una went with Bret on the 4-wheeler to meet with Mr. Harper (the man from whom we bought T-Bone, our steer) and look at the hay to be cut on my mother's property. I am making country style pork ribs for dinner tonight. I am too hot to be hungry, I am just guzzling seltzer, my favorite beverage as of late. As I type, Bret and the kids are watching "Star Trek--The Movie". Rated G, and only 50 cents at the thrift store.

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