Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunday and the Chapel of Divine Mercy

We assisted at mass at Sacred Heart in Russellville, KY yesterday. It was nice to see a number of folks we hadn't seen in a long time. Everyone is anxiously awaiting the new chapel at the novitiate of the Fathers of Mercy in Auburn, which is to be dedicated on the 23rd of August. Until then, everyone is attending masses wherever.

Afterward we stopped by the novitiate in order to take a look at the chapel in progress. Bret has been charged with making a cross for a life-sized corpus to go in the chapel, and he wanted to look at the place in which it will be installed. CPM Fathers Bill Casey and Ben Cameron us for a little tour while a few of the seminarians entertained the kids outside. I took a few photos. It's really coming along, and when it is done it will certainly be the prettiest chapel in all of rural Kentucky. There may be a prettier one somewhere, but none as far out in the sticks as this one!

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