Thursday, June 26, 2008

Brave New World

With the restoration of the Extraordinary Rite by our Holy Father has come a resurgence of backbone in some parishes. There is an encouraging tidbit on Hallowed Ground about a parish in Mazomanie, WI where the pastor has decided to do away with altar girls. The parents of the girl-servers are outraged, of course, but I applaud the resolve it must have taken the priests to make this move. The whole point of having boys serve at the altar is to encourage a priestly vocation. Using girls, what is the point? They can serve the Church in many other ways. Once the girls are removed from the sanctuary, we can get rid of the unisex alb-type things that are worn by the servers and return to cassocks and surplices...

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  1. I've always thought having altar girls was mean. Mean to the girls who are put in the position of performing for a vocation that they will never have.

    We should all pray for our priests to have courage and fortitude, as well as piety!

    I've heard BXVI is going to have everyone kneel for Communion at Papal Masses... wouldn't that be something!


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