Friday, June 27, 2008

Anyone else suffering from grocery store sticker-shock?

I seem to spend half my time at the store gasping and trying to do the math to figure out just how much this item or that has gone up in the last week or two. And we're not talking about a nickel here or dime there, folks; we are talking about the big bags of shredded cheese (which, per ounce, cost no more than their blocks of cheese) up two dollars in the last two weeks. The block cheese was up accordingly, too. Dairy in general seems up by leaps and bounds. I don't buy meats other than deli slices for Bret's lunch box and occasionally a bag of frozen chicken breasts, but the cold cuts that were 2 for $3 two weeks ago are 2 for $4 this week. And we have a 7.75 percent sales tax on food to boot. If we didn't raise our own meat and have a cow, my kids would be vegetarians. I feel for those large families who are not in a position to offset the high cost of groceries with a little home-grown food. My heart and prayers go out to them.

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